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France. America. So much in common. So many differences.

You : Questioning a move to the USA ? Living here already ? Long time expatriate ? or just american curious about the frenchies ? This blog is for you. 

Me : I live in Richmond, VA for 3 years with my 5yo and husband. I am curious and intrigued by culture, people, diversity, characters. I am always amazed how environment and education drive our reasoning and how hard it is to question it. 

Check out my attempt to crack the code of my favorite cultural gaps on specific aspects of my american experience. 

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Anne Marie, french, 33yo

Based on an elaborated multi-criteria analysis, my son, husband and I should not be living in the USA for the last 3 years. But here we are and we love it.

3 years of going through unexpected cultural gaps  - at work, at the gym, at the restaurant, at the supermarket, on TV, at the airport... everywhere.

3 years of trying to figure out what is better or worse here or there.


I gave up. 

With 'the gap', my goal is to provide 'as neutral as I can' perspectives for each of the handpicked gaps.


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