July 6, 2019

Kids are weird right ? Little boy made his entrance into the city today. First time of his aware life to actually live in a city. 

Let's dig a bit

He loves

  • The buses, the metro, the taxis. It means that a 75cts ticket makes him as happy as a Disney entrance. 

  • ...

June 27, 2019

Now that I am out of the landing & moving phase, I am enjoying the pretend novelty of the parisian/french life. Suprisingly some things have actually changed. Yes, some.  

Let's dig a bit

It did change

  • The administration. I would have never thought that I co...

June 7, 2019

Don't be surprise if you land in Paris that the pilots, the flight attendants, the ground attendants, the luggage crew, the air traffic crew, the train drivers, the train control crew, the urban train crew, the metro and/or the taxi are on strike and kind of screw your...

May 25, 2018

First day at work: new job, new office space, new boss, new colleagues... How will I get to know the people? How will I get to learn the so called “unwritten rules”?

In France, Spain or Brazil, the coffee break is the way to go. The concept is simple: you share a bit ab...

May 22, 2018

Throughout my last and unique decade of work life in France, office design  has been an important topic of discussion with my colleagues : office size, individual or shared office, locked or not locked, window or no window, who takes which one … All that was nothing co...

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