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The Come Back (Final)

Now that I am out of the landing & moving phase, I am enjoying the pretend novelty of the parisian/french life. Suprisingly some things have actually changed. Yes, some.


Let's dig a bit

It did change

  • The administration. I would have never thought that I could be able to renew my recently lost driving license fully online. Yes it happened. ePhoto and signature taken at the booth, code recovered and uploaded online and in less than 5 min done. Paperless, waiting time less. I am still recovering from that.

  • The public transportation pass. Now we don't need to choose zones so I could go really far for the same price. I could. I won't but I could.

  • The remote work. Finally !!!

  • The taxi drivers. Good impact of Uber&friends, I find them nicer.

  • The taxes. We are finally done with paying the taxes at the end of the year. Now we pay every month. It does not change anything but still.

  • The sneakers. Bye bye ballerines and welcome white sneakers. Happy feet.

  • The automatic cashiers at the supermarket. Now we have some. When it works, it is awesome.

  • The organic shops. Florishing around the city.

It did not

  • The interesting customer service. No comment on the service itself. One things I noted was that not only the service is overall not great, sometimes they feel like complaining to the client. The other day the bar tender in the train mentionned how happy he was to be one day closer to retirement while serving me my chocolate bar and closing the bar. I was close to ask him if he was happy to be one day closer to dying but I found it inappropriate and I wanted my chocolate bar.

  • The regional news. It did not change but how relaxing it is to listen to the story of whatever little things that happened in the middle of nowhere vs the dramatic regular news channel.

  • The diesel engine for cars. Still there, still loud, still smelly.

  • The sunrise/set. Days last forever here. Of course it did not change but it is a nice to have.

  • The corporate phones. Hard topic. I don't know why we are stuck with the Samsungs... I am trying to adapt to it and trying to convince me that this is just about getting used to it. It has been a month. It is hard.

  • The non smiley face. Maybe smiley's were invented for parisians who are afraid/uncapable of smiling. Big mistery.

So based on that

Page turned.

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