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Public speaking.

I think I have never heard anyone hesitating or trying to find their words while speaking in front of a room full of people either at school, at work, in small meetings or conferences.

And when it comes to professional leaders in corporation, musicians, politicians or artists, well, whatever they say, this is captivating and empowering.

Why ? but why ?


Let's dig a bit

Early start.

My kid was barely speaking (3yo) when he started doing ‘show and share’ in front of all his ‘friends’ at school. The concept is simple, they bring an object of their choice from home to school and they have to present it in front of their class. Once the kid has presented, no matter how good or bad he/she was, all of his/her friends clap to congratulate how great of a job he/she did… Of course that helps building confidence !

A whole culture of leadership

It is easy to think that americans are just arrogant (funny to say from a french person by the way). And yes, they love to show how successful they are, how much money they make, how knowledgeable they are, how much they have in general and how they are able to save the world (in the movies at least;) ). They embrace success and they have no fear expressing their ambition. So why being shy talking about it ? why being shy in expressing your position, engaging people in going after it ? When americans speak, they act as leaders, they know what they talk about, they are strong individuals looking for other people to follow - not to comment - to follow. They know their role - leaders lead and listeners clap - and respect it. So yes leaders should better be convincing as this is what is expected.

In France, speakers present ideas to open discussion and yes, french people would critic, whatever would be said, they would critic one way or another. In France, you cannot express how successful you are, this is not well perceived, you just hide it or apologize for it.

Pretty cliche and simplistic but who knows if somehow that plays a role in explaining american’s abilities for effective and inspiring public speaking ?

The language

I don’t know why but the english language sounds more efficient to me than french. Sentences are short, words are direct, straight to the point. It has a lot of empowering words and once you place it, bam, it makes the effect.

So based on that

No offense but poor chances to read the american level. BUT, you can try, give it a chance, go ahead, catch every possible opportunities to speak, train and you will improve for sure.

More about it


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