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The new normal (lol)

The kid asked us today for how many years we have been stuck at home together. LinkedIn just sent me a reminder of my 1 year work anniversary. Thank you LinkedIn.


Let's dig a bit

  • The weird(est) (ever) semester

On my last post (Q4 '19), I was talking about defining the new normal after these first pretty hectic semester. What a joke. Let's look at our second semester in France: yellow jackets still there, public transport strike season that screwed social life and travel plans, complete disaster of vacation fueled by storm and hospital, the kid with a flu (of course we forgot the shot this year...) and to wrap that up, 2 months (or something like that) of lockdown period.

BUT, I am a positive person, we got to see family for christmas, the kid enjoyed his grand parents, we saw (partially) our french based firends, the kid fell in love with the only one hotel we went into (at 300€/night, he can), I will never have to teach the kid how to kiss people to say hello, we enjoy the french food (way too much) and I would never ever regret the choice of this expensive apartement.

It could be worse, we could be sick, but still, this is an interesting year.

  • The new normal

At this stage, I am giving up about the normality. I guess the new normal is about going from one rollercoaster to another, forgetting about discovering the world for a few years, committing to visit Paris in all its little details and the french regions ).

The pretty good this about this coronavirus thing is actually the remote working part : no need to go to the office anymore, efficient work, possibility to focus on the important part, better work life balance (ok I admit --> once school restarts), witnessing the kid growing up (a lot). Overall, we are going back to reality, going back to the essential, to the basics, to the little things that makes life nice and I hope, trying to eliminate what was far from perfect : the commute, the extended hours.

Of course the price we will pay for that will be huge but somehow it is a bit of relief. Hopefully we learn from that because no, it was not working well.

So based on that

Back to the anormality of the normal life

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