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The Entertainment Industry

I have been a big fan of american popstars since I saw Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour on TV when I was 6yo. I do not think it was appropriate for a 6yo but I was just fascinated by the whole show, the dancing, the singing, the costumes, the lights, the energy etc… It was just awesome.

Do you wonder who is on the picture below ? P!NK... I could not resist going to the show... twice...


Let's dig a bit

Like it or not, pop music belongs to North America

Take a look at the rankings, almost all of the popstars of the 20th century are americans or made it because they achieve to conquer the North American market. They had their own pop music style that goes through culture, language and borders. These popstars are able to tour the whole country and the whole world selling out more than 50 arenas of 15,000 to 100,000 people… Popstars go beyond singing and music, what a popstar is in America is an entertainer : they put together complete show, personalities, style, branding. One important thing is : they fly. Yes american popstar fly in arenas while local popstar just walk with their feet and sing.

The pop music is just the top of the iceberg

If the american pop music achieves this level of success, this is because there is a complete entertainment industry staffed with the best talents of the world and of course because people love it spending a lot of money !

Look at just a few of the top spots for entertainment in the US :

  • Broadway welcome dozens of top selling musicals and a multitude of smaller production that outperforms any top european production. It provides top dancers, singers, actors and multi-discipline artists

  • Vegas entertains the pop myth with daily aging popstar shows like Celine Dion, Cher, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez or tribute shows like Michael Jackson and others. Top current shows are also available like the Cirque du Soleil. There is also a big amount of Cirque related shows like magicians, impersonators and a whole set of top Comedian.s

  • Hollywood is just hollywood with both movie and TV show industries

  • Disney, with the kids and teenager TV shows, is almost like a pop star production machine

  • Nashville is the temple of the country music developing thousands of top notch musicians

  • Memphis for the jazz and soul music and New Orleans too

  • Miami has a major music scene with Latin influence

  • Gospel is sang is any part of the country

Take all that and mix it up : yes there is high probabilities that this mix of influences, cultures, styles, talent, production capabilities, arenas availability will create the top entertainers of the world.

Entertainment on a day to day

Yes you can go to expensive shows but the awesome part of the United States is that you can find really good entertainment anywhere. The level is just there ! You can go to low key bars in New York, but also in Richmond, VA or any small city and find great musicians, great plays, concerts etc. I went to the guitar store the other day and found this one old guy trying a guitar and omg he was just so good.

So based on that

Enjoy the show !

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