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The Discovery (when you are 6)

Kids are weird right ? Little boy made his entrance into the city today. First time of his aware life to actually live in a city.


Let's dig a bit

He loves

  • The buses, the metro, the taxis. It means that a 75cts ticket makes him as happy as a Disney entrance.

  • The pigeons. The ultimate fun in town. I love them now too (see below).

  • The stairs and the elevator in the building. I hope he keeps the motivation to climb the stairs vs taking the elevator. Especially in the rainy winter days after a full day of school without outside time.

  • The bakery. He is the most depressing kid in that area as he likes and tries nothing apart from the good old cookies and brownies (parent fail I know) but he loves the concept of having it at the bottom of the building. He is thinking of putting a rope / cable car between it and our apartment so that we would not even have to walk there. How cool would that be.

  • The Eiffel Tower. I think I oversold it quite a bit. Hopefully he likes it in real.

  • The buildings. Interesting thinking there. Apparently it is better to be in a city when it is hot. Why ? because we get the shade of the building so walking is not that warm.

  • The recycling everywhere. My recycling book for kid is paying off. The kid is totally obsessed.

  • The 24/7 gas station at the corner. Practical if you need gas but the best is that it has icecream (and chocolate).

  • The code to get into the building. So much cooler than a key.

He is questioning

  • The car less life. While he accepts that it is better for the city to not have that many cars as he reckons there is no space for it, he was missing the confortable AC as we were trying to catch a bus in the boiling sun (game over on this one).

  • The walking. I am thinking of hiring a set of pigeons to make his life more fun and make him walk without complaining.

  • The playgrounds. Full game over there. No go for all of the tentatives. Too small, too complicated, too this or that. Fortunately there are pigeons.

  • The apartment. He asked where are the other rooms. No comment.

  • The cigarette. Why do people smoke mum ? It smells, it is dirty on the floor and it makes the voice crack. I am keeping notes there for his teenage years.

I am questioning

  • The walking. He does not have a clue about the danger and he believes that he is safe if he crosses when the little guy is green. Paris, this is Paris, firget the rules, the green guy means you have to be careful and the red guy means you have to be careful. Logical ? no. Suggestion here : convert the green and red guys into a constant orange guy. That would make my life much easier and it would be cheaper to maintain.

  • The playgrounds. I agree that there are not as fun as the ones in the USA and there is definitly too many people... I need to do my research there.

So based on that

Let's go to the Eiffel Tower.

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